Performer Profile

Performer Profile

Height: 5 feet 8 in
Weight: 150
Age Range: 55 - 75
Physique: Athletic
Hair Color: Silver
Eyes: Brown


How To Be A Bookie
Queen Sugar
George and Tammy
Doom Patrol - DC Universe
Tropical Cop Tales - Adult Swim
If Loving You Is Wrong
NCIS - New Orleans/ CBS
Murder Among Friends
Astronaut Wives Club ABC Series
Mad Men AMC Series
Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC / Jan. 2014
Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC / Oct. 2012
Suit Up Fox / Direct TV
Match: The Society / MY TEEVEE
Deadly Intent
Gunslingers (American Heroes Network)
Btwn Heaven & Earth
Deadline Crime / NBC/Universal
Mansion Matchmakers (Reelz Network)
Deadly Wives / Bio Network
My Haunted House / BIO Network
Tales of the Frontier
Revelations / Webseries
Lone Star / Fox
Stripped / 2nd City Pilot
The Gates (series)
Front of the Class CBS Movie
Sordid Lives The Series
Quantum Apocalypse Sci-Fi Network
Enemies Among Us / Showtime Movie
Heavenly Help / Webseries
Let's Explore Children's Show
March of Dimes
American Radio Documentary
National Holiday Season Telethon


St Jo City Councilman
GI Doctor
Old Forsythe/Mad Scientist
Series Regular 10 of 10
Guest Star/Doctor
Guest Star/ Judge Edwin J. Miller
Guest Star / Homeless Man
Co-Star / Arlington MinisterPublisher
Guest Star / Comedy Sketch
Guest Star / Comedy Sketch
Recurring (4 of 8)
Series Regular
Recurring (2 of 5) / Judge Harper
Series Regular
Guest Star
Guest Star
Pesky Neighbor
Guest Star
Guest Star
Guest Star
Guest Star
Guest Star
Home Owner
Old Gym Rat
Guest Star
Guest Star
Television Spokesperson
American Host / Wellington anchor

Chuck Lorre Productions HBO MAX
Kat Candler/Ava DuVernay Productions
John Hillcoat
Carol Banker
Jim Hosking
Tyler Perry
Geary McLeod
Michael Slovis
Omar Samad Director
Patrick Norris
John Slattery
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel
Chris Leone
Ian Spohr
Omar Samad
Chris Cassel
Rosa Nichols
Tamron Hall
Jamie Bovshow
John Tindell
Rob Dorfmann
Tino Lucino
Robert Ryan
Scott Winant
Cath Roscart
Peter McDonough
Peter Werner
Del Shores
Justin Jones
Dan Garcia
Chris La Mark
CBS Television
Detroit Area March of Dimes
BBC Television London
Television New Zealand


12 Hour Shift
High Moon
The Magnificent Seven
Billionaire Boys Club
Logan (Wolverine Sequel)
Strange Weather
Hurricane Bianca
The Hopewell Haunting
The Hollow
When The Bough Breaks
Shark Lake
Master Mind
Love Jacked
I Won't Be Your Mirror (Rome Festival Winner)
The Keymaker (Montgomery Festival Winner)
God Vs. Science
Wretched Spectacle (Detroit Festival Winner)
El Chico Video
Christmas Colt
Home Front
King James Diner
Aztec Box
Up Stream Color
The Studio club
Mechanic of the Heart
Broken Blood
Maggie's Passage
Abner Flint and the Monitor
Chicken Salad
Enemies Among Us
Quantum Apocolypse
Defending Dr. Karl
In the Land of Fireworks
Blonde Ambition
True Grit
Butt Whistle
Finding Harmony
Basically (Short)
Ending Up (Short)
Closer to God
Souled (Short)
Dirty Movie
Changing the Game
Terror Experiment

Rough Cowboy
Wall Street Broker
Supporting / Role of Sam
Supporting / Principal Wayne
Lead / Brother James / Priest
Supporting / Brother Hedgepath
Maitre D'/Scene with Helen Mirren
Stunt / Photo Double for Al Pacino
Dayplayer / Judge Role
Dayplayer/ Stunt Role
Lead / Thanatos Rebus
Lead / Andrew Carnagy
Lead / Doctor X
Lead / The Englishman
Lead / The Keymaker
Lead / Pastor Bill Anderson
Lead / Professor Neal
Lead / Doctor
Starring Role / Dancing Priest
Supporting / Street Puppeteer
Supporting / Old Codger
Supporting / Mr. Williams
Supporting / Mr. Mills
Supporting / Professor Scott
Supporting / Pig Farmer
Supporting / Michael Morgan
Supporting / Older Marcel
Supporting / Mr. Jack
Supporting / Walden
Supporting / The Rummager
Supporting / Priest
Supporting / Jarvis Patterson
Supporting / Mr. Clarke
Supporting / Henry Mulligan
Heidi's Dad
Dayplayer / Norweigan Priest
Town Father (Featured)
Dayplayer / Homeless Man
Dayplayer / Pastor Scott
Dayplayer / Homeless Man
Dayplayer / Drunk Dental Hygienist
Dayplayer / Mr. Jacobson
Dayplayer / The Barman
Dayplayer / The Priest
Dayplayer / Lester the homeless friend
Dayplayer / John Morris
Dayplayer / Dying Refugee
Dayplayer / Old Accountant

Josh Brolin Productions / Legendary Pictures
Brea Grant Director
Josh Ridgeway, Director
Antoin Fuqua, Director
Rob Riner, Director
James Cox, Director
James Mangold, Director
Katherine Dieckmann, Director
Matt Kugelman, Director
Dane Sears, Director
Miles Doleac, Director
Jay Roach, Director
David Gordon Green, Director
Jon Cassar, Director
Jerry Dugan, Director
Derek Presley, Director
Kevin Tindell, Director
Wakelin McNeel, Director
Franco Francini, Director
Derek Presley, Director
Brandi Albriton, Director
Jabari Thomas, Director
Phillip Rogers, Director
Derek Johnson, Director
Derek Presley, Director
Gregory Alosio, Director
T Walker / F R Healy, Directors
Dan Garcia, Director
Serge Bronstein, Director
Shane Carruth, Director
Brian Krause, Director
Steven Hadjez, Director
Derek Wayne Johnson, Director
Mike Norris, Director
Derek Presley, Director
Derek Wayne Johnson, Director
Dan Garcia, Director
Justin Jones, Director
Derek Wayne Johnson, Director
Joey Curry, Director
Scott Marshall, Director
Joel And Ethan Coen, Directors
Tenney Fairchild, Director
Dagen Merrill, Director
Ari Aster, Director
Paige Morrow Kimball, Director
Jenn Page, Director
Daniel Kovacs, Director
Jerry Daigle, Director
Branadon Dickerson, Director
Rel Dowdell, Director
Peter Engert, Director
George Mendeluk, Director


One Day Dental (Atlanta)
PMU (French Horseracing) 10 Countries
Dish Network Sag Nat'l
ESPN (Nat'l Promo)
Jimmy Dean Breakfast
Cartoon Network
La Rue's Furniture
Shreveport Rescue Mission
Central Monument
Dallas Can Academy
MDA (Muscular Dystrophy)
March of Dimes
AAMCO Transmissions
American Bank
Union Federal Savings & Loan

Role of New Grandpa
Captain of the Titanic
Cowboy #2
Homeless Man
Andy Rooney Character
Deli Customer
Cricket guy
Character Spokesperson
Regional Spokesperson
Regional Spokesperson
Corporate Executive

Bob Holbrook
Jake Szymanski
Matt Dilmore
Aaron Stoller
Joe Pollaro
Jimmy Dean L.A. Team
Bruce Hurwit
Bennette Rinaudo
Terry Jones, Director
Bennette Rinaudo, Director
Jeff Massinelli
MDA Production Staff
March of Dimes
Harris Advertising
Hundemer & Assoc. Advertising
Hundemer & Assoc. Advertising

Training And Education

  • 2nd City Improv Training Hollywood, California
  • Margie Haber Auditioning Technique and Scene Study Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Auditioning and On-Camera Jo Edna Boldin CSA Albuquerque and Dallas
  • Larry Moss Intensive Larry Moss Studios Los Angeles
  • Auditioning and On-Camera Acting Tim Philips Studios Los Angeles
  • Master Class Bruce Newberg CSA (Closer) Los Angeles
  • 4 Week Commercial Intensive with CD Chris Game Los Angeles
  • Alexander Technique Jean Louis Rodrigue Los Angeles
  • Auditioning Toni Cobb Brock Dallas
  • Acting Camera Technique Cathryn Harrt Studios Dallas
  • Improv Training Michael Tick (Columbia Univ. New York City)
  • 4 week Intensive Day time TV / Soap Opera Workshop Christy Dooley LA (Young and Restless CD)
  • Auditioning and Cold Read Intensive Margie Haber Los Angeles
  • Auditioning and On-Camera Jo Edna Boldin CSA Albuquerque and Dallas
  • Therea Bell Scene Development , Dallas, Texas, 2007
  • Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Initial education in 1966 to 1971. Then went back in 2005
    Drama Major at LSU
  • The Sorbonne, Paris, France, 1988
    Studied Dramatic Arts and French Language and Civilization
  • UCLA, Los Angeles, Ca, 1980
    Studied Mass Comm and Spanish
  • Oakland University , Detroit, Michigan, 1977
    Studied Acting.
  • Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand , 1982

Special Skills:

Languages: Strong English, Fluent French, Very Proficient Spanish, Proficient German.
Bits of Dutch, Russian, Swahili, Serbian, Turkish, Nigerian Languages Hausa and Igbo, Arabic & Hindi.

Accents: Classic British, Austrailian/English New Zealand/English, French, Swedish, German, Dutch, Russian, Eastern European

Worked in: French Speaking Congo, France. Tahiti, Nigeria, Berlin & Eastern Germany, Sweden, Tahiti, New Zealand and The UK.

Military Weapons Training: Automatic Hand Guns, 6 Shooter, Shotguns, Automatic Rifles.
Combat: Tae-Kwon-Do and Boxing.

Physical Fitness: At Age 65- Jog 3 Miles Every Day, Free Weights 3 Times a Week

Stunt Work: Fight Scenes, Water Combat, Riot Fights.
Sprint Running: 15 flat, 100 yd run.

Work Skills: Hand tools, Landscaping and Gardening.
Sports: Baseball fielding and hitting, Basketball



Ted is an American actor..with an international flavor. From Mooretown to Motown, Hollywood to Bollywood, Paris to Papeete, KarlMarxstadt to The Congo and back again

Ted Ferguson grew up in Mooretown, Shreveport's largest and toughest ghetto. 40 years of broadcasting experience in Los Angeles, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Paris, New Zealand...and more...before becoming a Film, TV and Commercial Actor. Ted retired from radio and work at the age of 50 in 1999, but decided, in 2005, to go back to LSU at the age of 57, full time, to fulfill a commitment. Ted flunked out in 68 in the middle of the Vietnam war. The purpose was to get off scholastic probation (from 1968 to 2005, 40 years)...Other Alma Maters include: The Sorbonne in Paris, UCLA Westwood, Victoria University Wellington, NZ...and LSUS

Ted was a Missionary in the Congo in the war zone building a Christian Radio station for the Church of Christ. and he taught English at a seminary in Vera Cruz, Southern Mexico.

Ted's acting career started in 2005 with an extra role...that turned into a Principal Role..Blonde Ambition starring Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson and Willy Nelson. Ted was one of 4 Norwegian Priests. Ted called the Norwegian Embassy in New York...and got them to translate the scene into Norwegian so that when he arrived on set he told the Casting Director that he could do the scene in Norwegian...Good enough for Scott Marshall, the director...and the career was born.
Ted is fluent in French and very proficient in German (Lived in Berlin when the wall came down) and Spanish...

A starring Series Regular role in Tropical Cops Tales on Adult Swim, A Mad Scientist in DC Comics' Doom Patrol, A Preacher role on AMC's Preacher and Astronaut Wives Club on ABC, Crooked Judge on NCIS New Orleans, Grandpa In Logan with Hugh Jackman, A Doctor on Tyler Perry's If Loving you is Wrong, a Matre'D working with Helen Mirren in Trumbo...and finally 2 Guest Star skits on the Jimmy Kimmel Show... Provides Ted with a wheel house chock full of Color and Variety... Written By: Jon St. Clair